About Crissy Melnitzke
(also known as Miz. Daisy)

Looking for an outlet for her creativity, fun and friendly personality, Crissy Melnitzke discovered the art of clowning was a perfect fit for entertaining and a great way to relieve the stress of everyday life! After much research and professional training, “Miz. Daisy” was born.

As a “people person,” Crissy was able to use her natural artistic talents and the simple pleasure of just being silly to create Miz. Daisy’s zany characters, outrageous costumes and out-of-this-world comedy activities. The ability to connect with children of all ages and create one-of-a-kind party experiences has made Miz. Daisy a hit with families across Central Florida!

A graduate of Toby’s Clown School in Lake Placid, Florida, Miz. Daisy is a current member of Toby’s Clown Alley, the World Clown Association, the Southeast Clown Association and the Clowns of America International.

Miz. Daisy believes in learning all you can about your craft and continues her professional training and education by attending various conventions and workshops throughout the year.

Awarded the honor “2017 Clown of the Year” by Clowns of America International, Miz. Daisy has received top honors among the best in the business in skit, face painting, balloon sculptures and paradability competitions. Miz Daisy looks forward to creating your next party adventure and an awesome career in the exciting world of clowning and live entertainment.