Let’s Make a Pumpkin Puzzle

Pumpkin is the word.

This catchy tune will help your kiddo learn to spell the word pumpkin and then reinforce the learning with a craft.

Let's make a "Pumpkin Puzzle"

I've loved doing puzzles ever since I was a kid and these puzzles are so fun to make. They fit easily into a snack size baggie and you can pop them into your purse for when you need to keep the kiddos busy.

Materials needed:

  • 7 Jumbo craft sticks
  • Green or any color of paint you have on hand
  • Brush or sponge
  • Painters tape
  • Mod podge glue
  • Pumpkin graphics (download here)
  • Number stickers, letter stickers, or a black sharpie
  • Craft knife

For the pumpkin puzzle, I used seven jumbo craft sticks because I wanted to spell out the word pumpkin.

Use painters tape to hold the sticks together. Flip over and paint the sticks

Cut out your pumpkin picture.

Using mod podge adhere the pumpkin to the sticks. If you’re using stickers add them now  or draw numbers and letters with a black sharpie.

Add a layer of mod podge over the whole puzzle.

Once dry use the craft knife to cut the puzzle into pieces.

Put in a ziplock sandwich baggie to keep your pieces together.

IMG_5536 (1)
IMG_5729 (1)
IMG_5728 (1)
IMG_5538 (1)
IMG_5548 (1)

I hope you have fun making this craft and think about all the other graphics you could use to make more puzzles.