We’re passionate about helping our clients look AMAZING. We want our clients to always be the hero of their event. We find that many clients can be overwhelmed when trying to find the right entertainment for their event.


When you hire Miz Daisy Entertainment you’re getting over 10 years of experience in high-quality entertainment resulting in smiles everytime.

HOW DO WE KNOW WE’VE SUCCEEDED? When our clients and guests are full of smiles and are enjoying their event.

Your event is too important to just hire anyone.

We really know our stuff, so don’t worry, your event will not only feel easy, it’ll be easy. We’re here and we’re ready to do our best to serve you.

Hi! I’m Crissy “Miz Daisy” Melnitkze

Sometimes I catch my face in the rear-view mirror on the way to a gig and just laugh- Wow, I’m a clown!”

My interest is clowning began at age 8 when I had my first face painting at Circus World in Haines City Fl. During the drive home, I waved to the cars passing by and they smiled and laughed back. What a great memory. That memory became a reality in June 2008 when I entered clown school.  Learning to take myself less seriously helps me and helps others to laugh and feel comfortable.

I’ve been DIYing ever since I was a kid (before it was popular). Garage sales, thrift and craft stores were and still are my favorite places to shop. I was always creating something. I remember the heavy green singer sewing machine of my grandmothers where I taught myself to make shorts but not before sewing the crotch together. lol (it stills happens if I’m not paying attention)

I grew up in a musical family and always loved music but as the youngest of four I felt left out sometimes.  I taught myself to read music and realized I had an ear for it. I would practice on an old organ till I got it right. Later I played the flutophone ( like today’s recorder) in middle school, the saxophone in the high school band, the Ukulele present-day and whatever else I can get my hands on.

I think these skills are a perfect fit for an entertainer. I adapt to special themes, make unique props and play and create fun music and games.  I pay attention to details and put my heart into whatever I do. The details of your event are just as important to me and I strive to create memorable experiences that last.

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