Father’s Day Award Craft


Create this simple Father’s Day Award Craft for the special father figure in your life. This craft is quick and easy to complete. Download the printable from the Miz Daisy Entertainment FUN STUFF Library.

Father’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate how much your father means to you.  Whether it’s your own father or someone who holds that special role as a father.

The holiday is an opportunity for you to celebrate the one you love.

I love getting crafts that have my child’s handprints on them.  Out of the stack of crafts over the years, it seems I always keep the ones with their handprints.

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Father's Day Award Craft

If you’d like to make a Father’s Day Award Craft, here is the list of materials you’ll need and step by step instructions to finish the craft.

Materials Needed

Craft_Best Dad Ever Hands Down
Craft_World's Best Dad Hands Down

Instructions: Each step is super easy!

Step 1: Print out the award at  https://mizdaisyentertainment.com/fun-stuff/

Step 2: Gather supplies: see material list above

Step 3: Have child color the award using their favorite crayons, colored pencils or markers

Step 4: Prep your child’s hands with paint using a brush or sponge and gently place their hands in the blank space on the award to create clear handprints.

Step 5: After the handprints are dry mount the award to a piece of colored construction paper using glue and put in a frame if desired.

Step 6: Don’t forget to put your child’s name and date on the space provided on the award. (In later years you’ll love to see how old your child was when the award was created).

  • If you’d rather not use paint you may trace your child’s hands and color them in or trace their hands on colored construction paper, cut them out and glue them on the award.

Once you have all your materials, set up an area to get crafty.  The dining room table or your craft table is a great place. The video above shows us crafting the special award on my craft table, in my studio.


You can keep it simple by printing and coloring the award or level up with colored construction paper and a frame.

Either way, I’m sure the Father in your life will love it!

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