Musical entertainment

Musical shows are filled with familiar songs from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s all accompanied on the most lighthearted instrument of all…the ukulele.

Corny jokes and silly magic tricks are sometimes used to add to the fun.

Voice and ukulele are amplified for a comfortable listening experience.

Residents are encouraged to sing and clap along, keep rhythm with shakers, and wave colorful scarves to stay engaged.

image-Aunt Audry

Senior Benefits

Increases socialization and communication

Reduces depression

Improves physical health

Reduces agitation or behavior problems


Balloon entertainment

The residents and staff enjoy the colorful sights and squeaky sounds of balloons being twisted magically before their eyes. From balloon dogs to princess wands or swords there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Each resident gets to take some balloon art home with them.  They love to tell me how long their balloon lasted at my next visit.

There is fun music playing while the twisting takes place along with funny stories and jokes.




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